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97% (Feb 16, 2018)
Entitled white men with broken feelings and handy guns keep killing people. Mass shooters are overwhelmingly men. Why?
A Tale of Two Statues (Apr 23, 2017)
"Fearless Girl" modifies the message of "Charging Bull"… but how? Both statues miss their intended mark.
Assault, Complicity, and the Husband Stitch (Feb 5, 2018)
We men like to talk. But we get silent at the wrong times. The Husband Stitch is one of the most appalling procedures I've ever heard of, particularly because of who's discussing it, and why.
Attacking the Roots of White Male Entitlement (Mar 12, 2018)
What do the Malice Green and Treyvon Martin cases tell us about Parkland? When white men are held accountable for violence, they're more mindful.
Awakening of the Nerd (Nov 13, 2017)
It took months for the dam of cognitive dissonance to break---to even understand that the rape scene in "Revenge of the Nerds" really is rape---but once it broke, the water flowed free. I reflect on a once-favorite movie.
Bill Maher: Typical White Male Liberal (Jun 12, 2017)
Maher's apology for his racist gaffe illustrates what's wrong with how we apologize. The problem isn't that Maher is extraordinary. It's that he's ordinary. Bill Maher's subliminal racism isn't extraordinary; indeed, it's far too common.
Boys Do Cry (Jan 8, 2018)
The mountain can be climbed, but we haven’t finished climbing it yet. Boys cry. Men cry. It should not be a weapon against us.
Boys Will Be… Held Accountable for Their Actions (Oct 16, 2017)
"Boys will be boys" is a reckless phrase that excuses inappropriate behavior. Generalized excuses hurt all children. Let’s cut it out.
Creating a Non-Toxic Masculinity (Jan 1, 2017)
We continue to see the damaging effects of toxic masculinity. What does non-toxic masculinity look like? Some New Year's thoughts on how to construct positive images of masculinity: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Dismantling the ‘Manhood’ Myth: Why It’s Damaging to Define Men in Terms of ‘Size’ (Aug 20, 2016)
The naked statue of Donald Trump invites discussion about how our society measures masculinity. The nude statues of Donald Trump reflect a toxic cultural relationship relating the value of a man to the size of his member.
Getting into the Mx (Apr 16, 2017)
How an ignored feminist artifact is reappearing for the genderqueer I reflect on further removing sexist reference in our language.
Gilligan’s Bromance (Nov 13, 2016)
How one classic TV show portrayed a sensitive male, and broke the 'guy friend' mold. Gilligan is a rarity in TV sitcoms, a sensitive male who shows his feelings. Even rarer, the Skipper accepts it.
James and the Giant Screed (Aug 14, 2017)
Damore's Google Manifesto had the appearance of emotionless logic. This was by design. We men are programmed to believe our logic makes us superior. The programming is flawed.
Liberal Men and Blurred Lines (Mar 5, 2017)
Outrage over a sex crime shouldn’t vary along partisan lines. We tend to be more generous when judging people we like. But is that proper?
Man Caves and Toxic Masculinity (Mar 26, 2018)
Toxicity isn’t about how you spend your leisure time, it's about how you treat people. It's about being authentic to yourself without suppressing or oppressing others.
Man with a Plan (Review) (Oct 30, 2016)
Nothing new from TV land. Yet another sitcom that perpetuates standard gender role stereotypes.
Melting the Icebergs of the White Patriarchs (Dec 11, 2017)
The thing about icebergs is, if they lose enough support, they collapse. White Nationalism is the tip of the iceberg: Most of us contribute to the problem, unwittingly.
My Father's Games (Jun 17, 2018)
I’m passing along the baton my father gave to me. In life, it can be the little things that count.
Not All Masculinity is Toxic (Mar 12, 2018)
And that's not what the phrase "toxic masculinity" implies. There is non-toxic masculinity, which is the reason for the adjective.
Overcoming My Inner Mean Man (Oct 23, 2016)
Verbal strutting is the intellectual man’s version of beating our chests. The male drive to dominate and display presents in ways other than simple, superficial aggression.
Ten of the Reasons I Believe You (Oct 23, 2017)
I am not a monster, I am a man who, like other men, has done monstrous things. I recount some stories from my life which showed me how prevalent sexual harassment and assault are.
The Abuse of Lorena Bobbitt and the Twisting of a Narrative (Apr 9, 2018)
Our first pass at the story was a shameful exercise in putting our identities as men first. Let’s get it right this time. Men took a domestic abuse story and made it a punchline.
The Fault in Our Genes (Apr 30, 2017)
Men did not collectively create toxic masculinity, but it’s our problem to fix. Men are harmed by continuing pressure to be "real" men.
The Manhood Behind the Curtain (Oct 9, 2017)
In the wake of mass shootings, we rush to blame gun control and mental health support, but what about the deepest issue of all? Men are consistently much more violent than women. How does culture contribute?
Three Ways Male Entitlement Erases Women (Dec 18, 2017)
From toys to clothing to #MeToo, men continue to center ourselves. When commercialism is focused on men, it minimizes the influence of women.
Trump’s Locker Room: Do We Protest Too Much? (Oct 16, 2016)
“Not all men” is a legitimate defense, but let’s not lose sight of the real problem Not all men engage in the sort of leering, callous, objectifying talk that Trump is guilty of, but too many men do.
White Men and the Well of Actually (Aug 7, 2017)
Some advice: Spend less time trying to be an expert, and more time learning and listening. "Well, actually…".
White Men are Falling Down (Nov 6, 2016)
All the problems of the world are someone else’s fault. Clinton spoke of two buckets: Deplorables and disaffected. How do we build bridges with the disaffected?
Why "Not All Men" is a Poor Response (Mar 19, 2018)
Avoid it, even as a "joke." In isolation, it's fine; in rebuttal, it's a derailment.
Write for the Good Men Project! (Dec 3, 2017)
If it's about making the world a better place, we'd love to read it. A call to encourage others to write for the site.