Curious Cheetah

Creative Writing


The Autumn of My Godhood (2003)
An infestation of rats turns into a cult with a human god.
Cafe (1997)
Love and Post-Modernist nattering among turn-of-the-century Generation Xers.
By the Numbers (2002)
A flat tire in downtown Detroit leads to wandering and meandering in the wrong part of town.
Moonshadow (1994)
A small town is plagued with something that's not quite a ghost.
Natalia (1998)
What starts as a bar pick-up becomes a life-changing event when an artist meets a lady from another realm.
Rayellen (2003)
A water park manager looks for his big break: A real mermaid.
Serena (1988)
A lightning strike on a substation leads to death... and life.
The Wolf, Itself (1994)
A young lady comes to terms with the secret her now-deceased Aunt was hiding from her.


Seawater (1984)