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Slitherlink was invented by Nikoli and first appeared in 1989.

Puzzle and Goal

A standard unsolved puzzle consists of a rectangular grid containing some numbers ranging from 0 to 3.
The goal is to draw a loop along the edges of the grid.
Slitherlink initial statespacerSlitherlink solution


The solved grid must satisfy the following conditions:


Slitherlink grids can also have other geometric patterns, in which case the maximum number is one less than the number of sides of the largest polygon in the grid.

Other Names

Dotty Dilemma; Fences; Gartenzaun; Great Wall of China; Heiliger Pfad; Loop the Loop; Loopy; Number Line; Ouroboros; Rundweg; Schlangenlinie; Sli-Lin; Suriza; Surizaarinku; Takegaki

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