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The first nonogram puzzles appeared around 1986, with the invention generally attributed to Non Ishida. He used the name "Window Art Puzzles"; the puzzle originated by toggling lights in skyscraper windows; the name "nonogram" was devised by James Dalgaty in 1989.
While most puzzles have one or two names that dominate (usually one English and one Japanese, as with Cross Sums/Kakuro and Number Place/Sudoku), nonograms are known widely by several names: Paint-By-Numbers (<em>Games</em> magazine), Griddlers (dedicated website), Picross (Nintendo DS games), and PaintDoku (some publications), among others.

Puzzle and Goal

An unsolved grid consists of a rectangular area with clues along the top and left sides.
The goal is to color some of the cells black, generally to create a picture.
Nonograms initial statespacerNonograms solution


The solved grid must satisfy the following conditions:


More than one color might be used. In such cases, bars of <em>different</em> colors may be continguous.
As a more difficult variant, the clues are not given in the order that they appear in the rank.
Cells may also contain non-squares, such as triangles; grids may consist of triangles or hexagons. The Griddlers website in particular has many examples of these.
In some puzzles, the sides of the rectangles are not always multiples of 5, and ranks may have 0.
Because the solution is expected to be a picture, nonograms have a disadvantage over most other puzzles in this genre in that it's more difficult to create an automated puzzle creator. As a result, some nonogram puzzles don't have a picture as a solution.

Other Names

Binary Coloring; Crucipixel; Edel; FigurePic; Gobelini; Grafilogika; Griddlers; Hanjie; Illust-Logic; Japanese Crosswords; Japanese Puzzle; Kare Karala!; Logic Art; Logic Square; Logicolor; Logik-Puzzle; Logimage; Maľované krížovky; Nemologic; Nonogrids; Obrazki logiczne; Oekaki; Oekaki-Mate; Paint by Numbers; Paint by Sudoku; Paint It Black; Paint Logic; PaintDoku; Pattern; Pic-a-Pix; Picross; Picture Logic; Pinte por Numeros; Pixel Puzzle; PrismaPixels; Shchor Uftor; Tsunami; Zakódované obrázky

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