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CalcuDoku was invented in 2004 by Tetsuya Miyamoto, a Japanese math teacher. Two of the common names, Ken Ken® and KenDoku®, are registered trademarks of NexToy LLC.

Puzzle and Goal

An unsolved puzzle consists of a square grid with regions. Each region is marked with a small number and, in some puzzles, an operator; in other puzzles, the same operator applies to all regions.
The goal is to fill the cells with a Latin square.
Calcudoku initial statespacerCalcudoku solution


The solved grid must satisfy the following conditions:


As a harder variant, operators are left out entirely.

Other Names

Basic; Caldoku; Inkies; Kashikoku Naru Pazuru; Keen; Ken Ken; KenDoku; Kenko; MathDoku; Minuplu; Square Wisdom; Sukendo; Yukendo

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