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Battleship was invented by the editors of the Argentinian magazine Humor & Juegos and first appeared in 1982. It gained international attention in 1992, at the World Puzzle Championship in New York. A year later, it became a regular fixture of Games magazine.

Puzzle and Goal

A standard unsolved puzzle consists of a square grid containing some ship parts. Ship ends are shown with rounded shapes to indicate the direction of the ship. Along the right and bottom of the grid are numbers from 0 to a maximum number less than the size of the grid.
The most common version is 10x10, with one 4-cell ship, two 3-cell ships, three 2-cell ships, and four 1-cell ships. The largest clue number is 8.
The goal is to fill the grid with complete ships. A ship consists of a series of orthogonally adjacent filled-in squares.
Battleships initial statespacerBattleships solution


The solved grid must satisfy the following conditions:


Different sizes are not unusual: Perhaps the secondmost common size is 8x8 with one 3-cell ship, two 2-cell ships, and three 1-cell ships.
In addition to different sizes, there are several shape and rule variants, such as having numbers in each cell such that the numbers at the ends represent the sum total of covered values, having a hexagonal rather than square grid, and so on.

Other Names

Batalla Naval; Batoru; Battleship; Battleship Solitaire; Bimaru; Fathom It!; Marinespiel; Solitaire Battleships; Solitaire Naval Puzzle; Yubotu

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