Curious Cheetah


Online site for 1 to 25 (ABC Path, but with numerals).
A handful of grid-based puzzles, as well as a variety of other logic puzzles.
Free daily puzzles and games, including a large array of grid-based puzzles.
Index of major puzzle types
Premium site from one of the major innovators and publishers of the genre. Free samples updated weekly.
German-language site containing a variety of puzzles, some interactive.
An array of print magazines including Sudoku and other grid-based puzzles. Some free puzzles online.
A large collection of logic puzzles
Shareware software including a variety of unique puzzle types.
Print magazines including a variety of puzzles; each issue contains six battleships puzzles, and usually several other puzzle types.
Premiere user-contributed site for nonograms, including triangular and wedge-based puzzles.
An array of free puzzles in PDF files, suitable for printing and solving on the go.
German-language site containing Nonograms, Campixu, and others.
Dedicated exclusively to Miss Lupun.
Fathom It!: Shareware Battleships program. Also includes a listing of various versions of Battleships and related puzzles.
Premium site from one of the major publishers and innovators; sample puzzles provided.
A sampling of puzzles that can be played online in English; more puzzles in Japanese.
A wide variety of free puzzles, including user-contributed content.
Comprehensive wiki of logic puzzles
Clearinghouse of puzzles, including grid-based, logic, and many others
Publisher of a variety of high-quality puzzle books, including Sudoku and other grid-based puzzles.
A wide variety of free puzzles, collected from various places. Primarily in German.
A free collection of puzzles for downloading (Windows and Mac) or running online.
Dedicated exclusively to Strimko, a trademark for chain sudoku.